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Age-Specific Birthday Cards

Age-Specific Birthday Cards Category 1

You Can Find Age-Specific Birthday Cards Here, For All Ages From 1 to 120

How old is your friend you want to congratulate on their birthday? Finding Age-Specific Birthday Cards (cards according to the age of the person you will congratulate) is very easy, now. When the page is complete, you will find birthday greeting cards for all ages from 1 to 120 here.

Now, scroll down the page to find the title for the age you are looking for. Select one of the cards by clicking the numbered buttons under that heading. You can send it to the person you want using the “share” buttons on the bottom of the card. You can also access the Facebook pages we have prepared for each age group, from the buttons here.

For now, you can only see the cards we made for people aged 1-100 years. Very soon, cards for all ages up to 120-years-old will be uploaded to the page.


1st-Birthday Cards
The first 1st birthday cards:

2nd-Birthday Cards
The second 2nd birthday cards, for 2 years-old babies:

3rd-Birthday Cards
The birthday cards for third 3rd birthday:

4th-Birthday Cards
Birthday cards for fourth 4th birthdays, 4 years-old kids:


5th-Birthday Cards
Greeting cards for fifth 5th birthday:

6th-Birthday Cards
The greeting cards for sixth 6th birthday:

7th-Birthday Cards
Greeting card images for seventh 7th birthday:

8th-Birthday Cards
Greeting card pictures for eighth 8th birthday:

9th-Birthday Cards
Birthday card pictures for nineth 9th birthday:

10th-Birthday Cards
Birthday card photos for tenth 10th birthday:


11th-Birthday Cards
Birthday cards for eleventh 11th birthday, 11 years-old kids:

12th-Birthday Cards
Birthday card photos for twelfth 12th birthday of 12 years-old children:

13th-Birthday Cards
Card photos for thirteenth 13th birthday, young teenagers:

14th-Birthday Cards
Card images for fourteenth 14th birthday, 14 years-old teenagers:

15th-Birthday Cards
Cards for fifteenth 15th birthday, 15 years-old teenagers:

16th-Birthday Cards
Greeting cards for sixteenth 16th birthday, 16 years teenagers:

17th-Birthday Cards
Seventeenth 17th birthday cards, for 17 years-old teenagers:

18th-Birthday Cards
Eighteenth 18th birthday cards, for 18 years-old teenagers:

19th-Birthday Cards
Nineteenth 19th birthday cards, for 19 years-old teenagers:

20th-Birthday Cards
Twentieth 20th birthday cards.


21th-Birthday Cards
Twenty-first 21th birthday cards.

22nd-Birthday Cards
Twenty-second 22nd birthday cards.

23rd-Birthday Cards
Twenty-third 23rd birthday cards.

24th-Birthday Cards
Twenty-forth 24th birthday cards.

25th-Birthday Cards
Twentyfifth 25th birthday cards.

26th-Birthday Cards
Twenty sixth 26th birthday cards.

27th-Birthday Cards
Twenty-seventh 27th birthday cards.

28th-Birthday Cards
Twenty-eighth 28th birthday cards.

29th-Birthday Cards
Twenty-ninth 29th birthday cards.

30th-Birthday Cards
Thirtieth 30th birthday cards.

31st-Birthday Cards
Thirtyfirst 31st birthday cards.

32nd-Birthday Cards
Thirty-second 32nd birthday cards.

33rd-Birthday Cards
Thirty-third 33rd birthday cards.

34th-Birthday Cards
Thirty-fourth 34th birthday cards.

35th-Birthday Cards
Thirty-fifth 35th birthday cards.

36th-Birthday Cards
Thirty-sixth 36th birthday cards.

37th-Birthday Cards
Thirty-seventh 37th birthday cards.

38th-Birthday Cards
Thirty-eighth 38th birthday cards.

39th-Birthday Cards
Thirty-ninth 39th birthday cards.

40th-Birthday Cards
Fortieth 40th birthday cards.

41st-Birthday Cards
Forty-first 41st birthday cards.

42nd-Birthday Cards
Forty-second 42nd birthday cards.

43rd-Birthday Cards
Forty-third 43rd birthday cards.

44th-Birthday Cards
Forty-fourth 44th birthday cards.

45th-Birthday Cards
Forty-fifth 45th birthday cards.

46th-Birthday Cards
Forty-sixth 46th birthday cards.

47th-Birthday Cards
Forty-seventh 47th birthday cards.

48th-Birthday Cards
Forty-eighth 48th birthday cards.

49th-Birthday Cards
Forty-ninth 49th birthday cards.

50th-Birthday Cards
Fiftieth 50th birthday cards.
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51st-Birthday Cards
Fifty first 51st birthday cards.

52nd-Birthday Cards
Fifty second 52nd birthday cards.

53rd-Birthday Cards
Fifty-third 53rd birthday cards.

54th-Birthday Cards
Fifty fourth 54th birthday cards.

55th-Birthday Cards
Fifty fifth 55th birthday cards.

56th-Birthday Cards
Fifty sixth 56th birthday cards.

57th-Birthday Cards
Fifty seventh 57th birthday cards.

58th-Birthday Cards
Fifty eighth 58th birthday cards.

59th-Birthday Cards
Fifty ninth 59th birthday cards.

60th-Birthday Cards
Sixtieth 60th birthday cards.

61st-Birthday Cards
Sixty-first 61st birthday cards.

62nd-Birthday Cards
Sixty-second 62nd birthday cards.

63rd-Birthday Cards
Sixty-third 63rd birthday cards.

64th-Birthday Cards
Sixty-fourth 64th birthday cards.

65th-Birthday Cards
Sixty-fifth 65th birthday cards.

66th-Birthday Cards
Sixty-sixth 66th birthday cards.

67th-Birthday Cards
Sixty-seventh 67th birthday cards.

68th-Birthday Cards
Sixty-eighth 68th birthday cards.

69th-Birthday Cards
Sixty-ninth 69th birthday cards.

70th-Birthday Cards
Seventieth 70th birthday cards.

71st-Birthday Cards
seventy first 71st birthday cards.

72nd-Birthday Cards
seventy second 72nd birthday cards.

73rd-Birthday Cards
seventy third 73rd birthday cards.

74th-Birthday Cards
seventy fourth 74th birthday cards.

75th-Birthday Cards
seventy fifth 75th birthday cards.

76th-Birthday Cards
seventy sixth 76th birthday cards.

77th-Birthday Cards
seventy seventh 77th birthday cards.

78th-Birthday Cards
seventy eighth 78th birthday cards.

79th-Birthday Cards
seventy ninth 79th birthday cards.

80th-Birthday Cards
eightieth 80th birthday cards.

81st-Birthday Cards
Eighty first 81st birthday cards.

82nd-Birthday Cards
Eighty second 82nd birthday cards.

83rd-Birthday Cards
Eighty third 83rd birthday cards.

84th-Birthday Cards
Eighty fourth 84th birthday cards.

85th-Birthday Cards
Eighty fifth 85th birthday cards.

86th-Birthday Cards
Eighty sixth 86th birthday cards.

87th-Birthday Cards
Eighty seventh 87th birthday cards.

88th-Birthday Cards
Eighty eighth 88th birthday cards.

89th-Birthday Cards
Eighty ninth 89th birthday cards.

90th-Birthday Cards
Ninetieth 90th birthday cards.

91st-Birthday Cards
Ninety-first birthday cards.

92nd-Birthday Cards
Ninety-second birthday cards.

93rd-Birthday Cards
Ninety-third birthday cards.

94th-Birthday Cards
Ninety-four birthday cards.

95th-Birthday Cards
Ninety-fifth birthday cards.

96th-Birthday Cards
Ninety-sixth birthday cards.

97th-Birthday Cards
Ninety-seventh birthday cards.

98th-Birthday Cards
Ninety-eighth birthday cards.

99th-Birthday Cards
Ninety-ninth birthday cards.

100th-Birthday Cards
Hundredth birthday cards.

For now, you can only see the cards we made for people aged 1-100 years. Very soon, cards for all ages up to 120-years-old will be uploaded to the page.