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eCards on Facebook

eCards on Facebook

eCards on Facebook

We make e-Cards for the purpose of sharing on the Internet in various ways. The same is true for Birthday e-cards. We have prepared all the e-cards on our website for you to share on the internet. Of course, not only on Facebook, you can share these cards in various ways such as Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, and email. It is possible to share these birthday e-cards in a variety of ways, although we’re talking about Facebook shares as this is the most common way of sharing. How to share Ecards on Facebook?

How to Send Ecards on Facebook?

In fact, when you open a page with a card you like on our website, copying the web address (URL) that appears in the address bar of that page, pasting it wherever you want, and sending it is the easiest way to share. However, users who cannot or do not want to do this for various reasons can apply the sharing procedure offered on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram itself. You can find an information page on how to share these ecards on Facebook at THIS link: Sharing Ecards on Facebook.

Birthday Ecards on Facebook

Birthday cards on our website are cards that the person you send them will like. Professional graphic designers and photographers created them all for you. You can increase your social media usage quality by sharing these ecards on Facebook. Also, this way, you can make your friends whose birthday is today happy.

Ecards to Send on Facebook

Our website and Facebook page have published “birthday ecards” for over 10 years. You can count on our team, which has been providing this free service for years without interruption. However, to respect the copyrights of the photographs and graphic designs used on the cards, you are not permitted to download them for use elsewhere. The use of “sharing” the page link is allowed and is free of charge.