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Sea-Blue Cake 10th Birthday Card
Sea-Blue Cake 10th Birthday Card Equivalents
Sea-Blue Cake 10th Birthday Card Images

Sea-Blue Cake 10th Birthday

– Happily, I sent this Sea-Blue Cake 10th Birthday e-Card, to wish a happy birthday, to a sea-lover young person. Today, sea-lover one is turning her/his tenth birthday. With this sea-themed cake picture on this birthday e-card, I congratulate this young one’s tenth birthday. I wish all her/his wishes come true, during life.

Description of the “Sea-Blue Cake 10th Birthday” Card

Firstly, the most important element of this e-card is the blue birthday cake, taking place on the right side of the card design. Cake, in general, has features that remind the sea. Its color is sea-blue and it has white candies representing sea bubbles. Also, it has two sea-stars. Additionally, there are two big candy-cookies in the shape of the number “1” and “0” (10) on top of the cake. On the left side of the card, there is a blue balloon and the birthday message of the card: “Happy 10th Birthday!”. The background color of the card is gray and the card has a navy-blue frame.

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Sea-Blue Cake 10th Birthday Card

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