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Happy 24th Birthday Golden Crown Video

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Happy 24th Birthday

(Browse the website for similar ones.) — Happy birthday! I sent you this “Happy 24th Birthday Golden Crown and Pearls” card to wish a very great birthday to you. I wish all your wishes come true. I congratulate your twenty-fourth birthday with this “Happy 24th Birthday Golden Crown and Pearls” birthday card.

Description of the “Happy 24th Birthday” Card

On the left side of this card, a rather elegant birthday cake appears. It is a pink cake and rests on a golden tray. The cake has diamond patterns and pearls are found on every corner of the diamond. Furthermore, the lowest part of the cake is wrapped in a pearl necklace. On top of the cake, there is a golden crown. The lower part of the crown, which has the number 24, is surrounded by pearls. On the right side of the card, there is a golden balloon.

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«A crown is a traditional symbolic form of headwear, not a hat, worn by a monarch or by a deity. For whom the crown traditionally represents power, legitimacy, victory, triumph, honor, and glory, as well as immortality, righteousness, and resurrection. In art, the crown may be shown being offered to those on Earth by angels. In religious art, a crown of stars is used similarly to a halo. Crowns worn by rulers often contain jewels. (Wikipedia)»

Happy 24th Birthday:
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Happy 24th Birthday Golden Crown and Pearls Card Equivalents

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