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eCards in Page Form

Birthday eCards in Page Form

eCards in Page Form

Due to the widespread use of mobile phones, web pages have turned into a responsive structure. Before this transformation, while web pages were fixed size, very stylish pages could be made. eCards in Page Form, as one of them, was quite common.

What are eCards in Page Form

Making Full Page Form eCards was a job that required not only graphic design skills but also fine taste and a sense of elegance. It is a style that only the elderly remember today. eCards in Page Form are made by arranging a web page completely as an e-card. Usually, when the page is opened, music starts to play and nice gif files bring movement to the page.

Sending eCards in Page Form

To send one of the eCards in Page Form samples to a friend, you must send the link (URL) of that web page to your friend. When your friend clicks on that link, they see a page designed as a complete greeting card and it is a very nice feeling. This is how all other cards are sent on our website today.

If You Want…

Our website had a lot of eCards in Page Form 12 years ago, but due to changes in web technology, many of them are not viewable now. Currently, only 3 of them are visible. However, as a category, we found it appropriate to keep it on the site. If there is interest and request from our visitors, we can reproduce eCards in Page Forms in this category.