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Birthday Video eCards

Birthday Video eCards

Video eCards

eCards were widely adopted as the greeting card sending method of the computer age. Early ecards consisted of simple animated images made by methods such as Adobe-Flash because they had to have an advantage over paper-based cards. Nowadays, ecards no longer see paper-based greeting cards as a competitor, so still, images are used more. However, on the part of the user, the craving for motion pictures did not go away, so video ecards began to become widespread.

Video eCards for Birthday

In the years when paper-based postcards were the only alternative, the most frequently sent greeting cards were birthday cards and the same rate was maintained in the use of ecards. The most frequently sent ecards online are birthday ecards. The same situation is seen in video ecards. Video e-cards for birthdays are the type of video e-cards that the majority are interested in today.

Video eCards on This Website

The video e-cards on the website consists of videos and animations created for you to send as a birthday greeting. All of them are meticulously made by professional artists. In these years when videos are used everywhere, video ecards are the best way to send greetings.

eCards in Video Form

I recommend browsing the Video Ecards section of the website. Even if you’re not looking for a birthday video, you’ll enjoy browsing through the site. Many of the video e-cards on our website are pulled from the YouTube channel created by our team. If you want, you can subscribe to this channel and watch the videos on Youtube.