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Blue Happy 14th Birthday Card

Blue Happy 14th Birthday Card
Blue Happy 14th Birthday Card Equivalents
Blue Happy 14th Birthday Card Images

Blue Happy 14th Birthday

(Browse the website for other similar ones.) — Dear 14 years-old teenager, happy birthday to you! I posted this Blue Happy 14th Birthday Card to wish a happy birthday to you. Because you will turn your fourteenth birthday, today. With this blue Birthday Card, I congratulate your blue fourteenth birthday. I wish all your wishes come true, during your happy life, dear four-teenager.

Description of the “Blue Happy 14th Birthday” Card

No doubt, here the most conspicuous thing is a blue cake, on the left side. It is a white cake and there are many candies, cookies, and macarons on the cake. Also, there is an ice-cream cornet among them. Candies and macarons are in blue color. Also, two figures on the front face of it: 1 and 4 (14). And, on the right side of the card, there are two blue balloons, and the birthday message of the card: “Happy 14th Birthday!”. The background color of the card is light-blue and the card has a navy-blue frame.

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«Blue cake has been produced by Frutig valley bakeries since at least the 1900s. Up until the 1950s, however, it was only sold in colder months, when butter could be kept cold more easily, and around major holidays. As of 2000, the cake is available on weekends around the year in most bakeries, where it is one of the most important weekend pastries. Despite its name, the cake is not actually blue, and some Frutig valley bakers who were interviewed by Swiss culinary historians in the 2000s provided different explanations for the name. (Wikipedia)»

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