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Pink Numbers 11th Birthday Card

Pink Numbers 11th Birthday Card
Pink Numbers 11th Birthday Card Equivalents
Pink Numbers 11th Birthday Card Images

Pink Numbers 11th Birthday

(Navigate the website for other similar ones.) I chose this Pink Numbers 11th Birthday card to send to you because, I wish a happy birthday, to you. Today, you are turning your eleventh birthday. With this cake with pink numbers on it, I congratulate you on your eleventh birthday. I wish all your wishes come true, during your life.

Description of the “Pink Numbers 11th Birthday” Card

The most important element of this e-card is the pink numbers on the cake. The cake is taking place on the left side of the e-card. The cake is a white cake with various candies and cookies on it. On top of the cake, there is number 11 in the pink color. On the right side of the card, there are two orange balloons and the birthday message of the card: “Happy 11th Birthday!”. The background color of the card is gray-brown and the card has a light-brown frame.

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«11 Birthdays is a children’s time loop novel written by Wendy Mass and published in 2009 by Scholastic Press. … Eleven years before the present day, Angelina D’Angelo rushes through the halls of the hospital stopping right in front of the nursery window to look at the newborns in the room. She spots the two little babies she had come to see. The parents of the children exchange stories and the Fitpatricks tell the Ellerbys that they are naming their son Leonard Fitzpatrick, after his great-grandfather. The Ellerbys exclaim that they are naming their daughter after her great-grandmother, Amanda Ellerby. Angelina predicts that the two children will be best friends and makes them promise they will celebrate this day together every year. (Wikipedia)»

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