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How to Find Your Friends’ Upcoming Birthdays? (VIDEO)

Upcoming Birthdays List

Upcoming Birthdays 2023

How to Find Birthdays on Facebook (2023)

It is a good thing to be remembered. It makes us happy that our friends remember us, especially on our special days. For example, our upcoming birthdays is one of these special days. On our birthday, we expect our friends to remember and congratulate us. If they don’t remember, we’ll be unhappy.

Of course, the same is true for our friends. They too expect to be remembered by us on their special days. We often remember and even if they’re not near, we’d like to make them happy by sending a birthday card or e-card.

▼ Here’s the Upcoming Birthdays Explanation VIDEO ▼:

IMPORTANT: The solution suggested here will protect you from losing the Birthday List during the changes Facebook will make from now on.


Forgetting Your Friends’ Birthdays?

But sometimes we can be late remembering their upcoming birthdays. At such times, both our friends and we are sad. Because remembering someone’s birthday on time indicates that we love and value them.

(Remember that there are thousands of birthday cards on this website and you can send these pages to your friends for free).

Belated Birthday Cards

Though, even if we are late to remember, we still hope to be forgiven by sending a “delayed” greeting card.

(There are dozens of “belated” birthday cards on our website and you can share them with your friends for free).

Maybe we can be forgiven with these “Belated” birthday cards, but we know that this is not the ideal situation. Because the important thing is to remember it “on time”.

Upcoming Birthdays List

Knowing this, Facebook offers us a complete list of our friends’ upcoming birthdays. Looking at this list from time to time can save us from falling into upsetting situations. But it is not always easy to reach this list.

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That’s why we’ve created a shortcut to this upcoming birthdays list. You visit our website frequently. From time to time, you can browse this list by clicking the link at the top of the site. We have prepared a video explaining how to do this. We recommend that you watch the video below carefully.

Upcoming Birthdays Facebook Page

Maybe you might be thinking: “Nice video, nice website, nice shortcut, but I will forget to check this list.

Don’t worry, you won’t forget. Because, if you “like and follow” the “Upcoming Birthdays” Facebook page with a link below, that page will remind you once a week (Friday morning).

By clicking the link on the reminder picture that will come to your Facebook homepage once a week, you can directly access the “Upcoming Birthdays” page of the website and see your list by clicking the relevant button.

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    Once a week is not enough for you? If you want this reminder to happen every morning (once a day) instead of once a week, then you can like and follow this Facebook page:

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    Here’s the Upcoming Birthdays Explanation Video:

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