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Upcoming Birthdays List on Facebook

Facebook Friend List and Upcoming Birthdays

Link to Your Facebook Friends’ Birthdays List is HERE

Please do not be lazy, READ the article carefully. This page will help you overcome the common problem with Facebook’s Upcoming Birthdays app, which has been common lately. More importantly, thanks to this page, you will no longer have problems due to future Facebook changes.

Add this page to your “favorites” to take advantage of these benefits.

You will find out about the Friend’s birthday on the Facebook page, which you can access here. Next, go to or and choose a beautiful e-card for your friend. And easily send it to your friend via the normal “share” way.
Click the marked button below, and you can see the “Upcoming Birthdays” list of your friends on Facebook, organized by month.

Facebook Friends’ Upcoming Birthdays List

In order to find this easy way always, now press Ctrl and D to add this page to your bookmarks.

Also, send this page to your friends and share it on your Facebook profile immediately so they don’t forget your friend’s birthday.

You can reach the birthdays list of your friends on Facebook and see whose birthday is today. So what are you going to do after that? You know the best way to send a beautiful eCard to your friend whose birthday is today:

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Upcoming Birthdays Easy Reminders ON FACEBOOK

Now, you might be thinking: “Nice button, nice website, nice shortcut, but what I will do if I forget to check this friend’s birthday list?”

WEEKLY: Relax, you won’t forget. Because, if you “like and follow” the “Upcoming Birthdays” Facebook page with a link below, that page will remind you to look at the list, once a WEEK (Friday morning):

  • .
    DAILY: What if once a week is NOT enough for you? If you want this reminder to come to your homepage every morning (once a day) instead of once a week, then you can “like and follow” that Facebook page:

  • .

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    Upcoming Birthdays List on Facebook

    IMPORTANT: This solution will prevent you from losing the Birthday List during the changes that Facebook will make from now on.

    You are currently on a website that includes FREE Birthday e-Cards. To use these e-cards every day, click HERE to like and follow our Facebook Page.

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