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Happy 72nd Birthday with Pink Cookies

Happy 72nd Birthday with Pink Cookies
Happy 72nd Birthday with Pink Cookies Card Equivalents
Happy 72nd Birthday with Pink Cookies Ornaments Card Images

Happy 72nd Birthday with Pink Cookies

(Browse the website for similar cards.) — Happy 72nd birthday to you! I sent you this “Happy 72nd Birthday – Pink Cookies” card to wish a great 72nd birthday to you. I wish you many happy returns. I congratulate your seventy-second birthday with this “Happy 72nd Birthday with Pink Cookies” card.

Description of the “Happy 72nd Birthday – Pink Cookies”

This card contains a chocolate cake and can be sent to ladies or gentlemen. It has a chocolate frame and a yellow background. The orange balloon is placed on the left. There is a chocolate cake on the right and it is decorated with various cookies and candies. Chocolate biscuits, waffles, pink macarons, etc … Also, there are two silver toppers on the top of the cake. One of them is the number 72 and the other is “Happy Birthday”. Each digit of the number 72 has silver crowns.

Happy 72nd Birthday with Pink Cookies:
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