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Little Princess Sixth Birthday Card

Little Princess Sixth Birthday Card
Little Princess Sixth Birthday Card Greeting
Little Princess Sixth Birthday Card, Cards

Little Princess Sixth Birthday

– Happily, by posting this Little Princess Sixth Birthday Card, I wish a happy birthday, to a little princess. Today, a little sweet princess is turning her sixth birthday. With the lavender cake picture on this purple birthday card, I congratulate this cute princess’s sixth birthday. I wish, all her wishes come true, during her royal life.

Description of the “Little Princess Sixth Birthday” Card

Of course, the main striking element of this birthday card is the lavender cake. It is a two-story cake and takes place on the right side of the birthday card. Importantly, on top of it, there is a princess crown with diamonds. The first floor of the cake looks like a skirt made of rose petals. There’s the number 6 on the front of its second floor. Additionally, on the right side of the cake, is a candle in violet color. On the left side of the card, there are two violet balloons and the message of the card: “Happy 6th Birthday! Princess”. The background color of the card is violet-gray and the card has a violet frame.

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«For many centuries, the title “princess” was not regularly used for a monarch’s daughter, who, in English, might simply be called “Lady”. Old English had no female equivalent of “prince”, “earl”, or any royal or noble title aside from queen. Royal women were simply addressed or referred to as “The Lady [Firstname]”. For example, Elizabeth and Mary, daughters of Henry VIII of England, were often simply referred to as “the Ladies Elizabeth and Mary”. This practice, however, was not consistent. In the marriage contract between Prince George of Denmark and Anne, daughter of James II of Great Britain, Anne is referred to as Princess Anne. (Wikipedia)»

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