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Sweet Girl Sixth Birthday Card

Sweet Girl Sixth Birthday Card
Sweet Girl Sixth Birthday Card Greeting
Sweet Girl Sixth Birthday Card, Cards

Sweet Girl Sixth Birthday

– By posting this Sweet Girl Sixth Birthday Card, I wish a happy birthday, to a little girl. Today, a little sweet girl is turning her sixth birthday. With the cake slice picture on this purple birthday card, I congratulate this cute lady’s sixth birthday. I wish, all her wishes come true, during her sweety life.

Description of the “Sweet Girl Sixth Birthday” Card

Of course, the main striking element of this card is the cake slice. It appears on the left side of the birthday card and smiles. Importantly, on top of the cake, there is a sweet girl figure offering a cupcake and smiling. She has a skirt with a pastry cream pattern. Also, there is a number “6” made with sugar, on top of the cake. Additionally, on the front side of the cake, is a cute face smiling. On the right side of the card, there is a violet balloon and the message of the card: “Happy 6th Birthday!”. The background color of the card is pink-gray and the card has a magenta frame.

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