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Upcoming Birthdays List of Your Facebook Friends

Upcoming Birthdays List of Your Facebook Friends

Where can you see the upcoming birthdays list of your Facebook friends, by months? HERE, BELOW:

About the problem with Facebook’s Upcoming Birthdays app these days, this page will be helpful. Also, add this page to your “favorites” to avoid future changes by Facebook.

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Through Facebook, we can now learn about everyone’s upcoming birthdays. If it is the birthday of a person on your friends’ list, Facebook sends a notification to you. Thus, you learn about your friends’ birthdays on the same day. Then, you just enter our website or our Facebook page, and you choose a nice e-card for your friend and you send easily by sharing it.

But sometimes these statements are not enough. If we want to buy a birthday gift for a friend, or if we want to make another preparation, we need to know previously before her/his birthday. Well, how do you see your friends’ upcoming birthdays, on Facebook?

Upcoming Birthdays List of Your Facebook Friends

Can you see the Upcoming birthdays list of your Facebook friends, previously? Can we learn in advance the birthdays of our friends on Facebook? How can you get the Approaching birthdays list of your Facebook friends? Can we see a list of our Facebook friends’ birthdays en masse?

Yes, Facebook provides us with this opportunity. So, how can you see the birthday list of your Facebook friends, by month?

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It’s very easy now!

When you click the button below, you can see the Approaching birthdays list of your Facebook friends, organized by months.
Click on the marked (► ◄) button to see your friends’ upcoming birthdays:

Upcoming Birthdays List of Your Facebook Friends

If you want to find this easy way all the time, now add this page to your bookmarks by pressing Ctrl and D.

If you want to announce this easy way to your friends, share this page with your friends and share it on your Facebook profile now.

The other method offered by Facebook to see your friends’ birthdays, is not very difficult, but not memorable. Therefore, you do not lose this current page. Press Ctrl and D to add your bookmark now.

Upcoming Birthdays List of Your Facebook Friends

Even if you can not provide birthday gifts for your friends on Facebook, it is important to celebrate their birthday with a card. You know the best way to send a beautiful eCard to your Facebook friends:

If you want to give a nice birthday gift to your friends or your other loved ones, you can find a variety of birthday gift ideas on this site.

You can now find more beautiful gifts from the internet instead of going shopping.

Here’s a Video Explanation For The Upcoming Birthdays List:


Upcoming Birthdays, Full List on Facebook 🎈🎁🍰

WEEKLY REMINDER: If you “LIKE” and follow THAT page below, once a week (Friday morning) a linked picture will appear on your Facebook homepage (News Feed) as a “reminder”.

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DAILY REMINDER: But, if a weekly reminder is not enough for you; “LIKE” and follow that page, below. Once a day (morning) a linked image will appear as a “reminder” on your Facebook home page (News Feed):


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