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Bunny Girl Second Birthday Card

Bunny Girl Second Birthday Card
Bunny Girl Second Birthday Card Greeting
Bunny Girl Second Birthday Card, Cards

Bunny Girl Second Birthday

– Sending this Bunny Girl Second Birthday Card, I wish a happy birthday, to the dear baby girl. Apparently, a sweet baby girl is turning her second birthday, today. On the picture on this pinky Birthday card, I congratulate this sweet baby girl’s second birthday. I wish that all her wishes come true, during her life.

Description of the “Bunny Girl Second Birthday” Card

First of all, a white-creamy cake appears on the left side of the card. There is a sweet bunny girl on the cake. Actually, it is a cookie. Also, there are some other cookies on the cake; a pink “two” number, and 10 heart-shaped cookies, all in pastel colors. On the right side of the card, there are three colorful balloons. The background color of the card is light pink. The written message of the card is: “Happy 2nd Birthday!” The card has a violet frame as well.

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