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Happy 15th Birthday Princess Flowers

Happy 15th Birthday Princess Flowers Card
Happy 15th Birthday Princess Flowers Equivalents
Happy 15th Birthday Princess Flowers Images

Happy 15th Birthday Princess

(Browse the website for other similar ones.) — Dear 15 years-old princess, happy birthday to you! I posted this Happy 15th Birthday Princess Flowers Card to wish a happy birthday to you. Because you are turning your fifteenth birthday, today. With this purple-lavender Birthday Card, I congratulate your fifteenth birthday. I wish all your wishes come true, during your life, dear little princess.

Description of the “Happy 15th Birthday Princess Flowers” Card

No doubt, here the most conspicuous thing is a purple-lavender cake, on the left side. It has a princess picture and many princess flowers on it. Also, there is a number 15 in lilac color. And, on the right side of the card, there are two purple balloons, violet stars, and the birthday message of the card: “Happy 15th Birthday!”. The background of the card is a marble pattern and the card has a dark-violet frame.

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«Tibouchina semidecandra, the princess flower, glory bush, or lasiandra, is a sprawling, evergreen shrub or small ornamental tree native to Brazil and ranges from 10 to 15 feet (20 feet with proper training) in height. It can be trimmed to any size and still put on a vivid, year-long flower display. The dark green, velvety, four to six-inch-long leaves have several prominent longitudinal veins instead of the usual one and are often edged in red. Large, royal purple blossoms, flaring open to five inches, are held on terminal panicles above the foliage, creating a spectacular sight when in full bloom. Some princess flowers are open throughout the year but they are especially plentiful from May to January. Princess-Flower is ideal for the mixed shrubbery border or used in small groupings to compound the impact of bloom-time. (Wikipedia)»

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