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Happy Birthday Video – Live Your Life By Smiles

Birthday Videos on YouTube

Live Your Life By Smiles 3 1 Min.

Happy Birthday, Live Your Life By Smiles

My Wishes, Live Your Life By Smiles

I wish you a very happy birthday sending this video-card, named “Live Your Life By Smiles“. Wishing you a special and joyful birthday! I know that you are among the people who love to travel. So, I am hoping that you can have a nice trip, and make the most fun journeys to see the most beautiful places this year. And if you want to get a caravan for holidays, trips, and picnics, I hope that you find the most beautiful caravan model this year. Or if you want to get a new car, I hope you get the best one. If you want new jewelry, I wish you have the most beautiful jewelry, soon. If you want to get a nice diamond ring, I wish you to get the most beautiful ring in the world.

Description of Live Your Life By Smiles Video

This video starts as it shows us a purple space. We see some gold sparkles in the distance. Then some golden letters fly in. These letters read as “Happy Birthday”. They start to spin around and move for a while. The video seems very lively with moving golden letters and bright colors in the background. Then these letters go away and here comes a message to deliver good wishes. It tells you to Live Your Life By Smiles. And you should count your age by the friends you have. After this message, we see a special birthday cake.

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Live Your Life By Smiles - 2
The cake we see is a purple icing-covered birthday cake. But it is also covered with drip chocolate sauce from the top. There is a lit candle on the top. Its flames move as you watch. In the background, you can see some purple flowers and a coffee brewer. As the view widens, you also see a text that says: “Happy Birthday”. Sends you greetings for Happy Birthday, and reminds you to Live Your Life By Smiles.

Happy Birthday Video SMS Message

You are special and I hope that you float through the day with a big smile on your face. You are another year older and you haven’t changed a bit. I hope this is the beginning of your greatest, most wonderful year ever! Happy Birthday!!! Live your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by your friends, not the years