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Happy Birthday Cake 3D Animation With A Bunny

Happy Birthday Cake 3D Animation With A Bunny

Birthday Cake Animation

I wish you a joyful and happy birthday, by sending this “Happy Birthday Cake 3D Animation With A Bunny”. Here you can see a video clip, showing you a huge birthday cake. The cake appears by itself, layer by layer after some party balloons fly up. Some candles and other decorations appear on this cake too. As another set of party balloons comes into the scene, you see the words “Happy Birthday” made with three-dimensional letters. In fact, the second word is pushed into view by a grey bunny. This bunny poses with the text after it is done pushing it too.

Happy Birthday Cake 3D Animation With A Bunny

Bunny Birthday Cake 3D Animation

This 20-second-long 3D animation video was published by the “Ray Anime” channel on Youtube. We used the embed codes they provided. We see a birthday cake in progress in the video. Then we see the 3D word “Happy”, and then a three-dimensional word “birthday” which is brought by a bunny. If you like this cute animation, whenever you want, please send it to your Facebook friends on their birthday. I hope your friends will like this video as much as I love it. Now, let’s watch the “Happy Birthday Cake 3D Animation With A Bunny” video.

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Birthday Wishes To You

You are the sweetest and kindest person I know. You care for everybody and love everyone around you without a condition. Being such a gift to us, I believe you deserve the best of everything in this world. So I hope that all your wishes come true and you can achieve everything you want. We love you and we are always here to help you, whenever you need us to do so. The only thing you need to do for us is to be happy and enjoy your life, especially on this special day. Happy Birthday!

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