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Happy Birthday Princess Fairy Cake

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Happy Birthday Princess Fairy Cake Video Card 3 45 Sec.

Happy Birthday Princess Fairy Cake

Princess Fairy Cake

Happy Birthday, Princess! I wish you a joyful and fairy birthday, on the “Happy Birthday Princess Fairy Cakevideo. This video consists of a short (45 seconds) 3D animation made for you to share easily with girls and women who have a birthday today. With this video, you can congratulate also a real princess’s birthday in a stylish way. You can be sure your princess will like the video.

Happy Birthday Princess Fairy Cake

Birthday Princess Fairy Cake

This is a quite short 3D animation video (45 seconds) On the video, you can see a purple 3D text “Happy Birthday”, right next to a well-decorated pink and white birthday cake with candles on it. You can see that the pink text has a tiara on it and there are pink diamonds around it. Then a flying fairy princess comes to light the candles. After that, a lot of pink hearts start to rain like confetti, in a beautiful musical accompaniment. This video is fetched from the “wazupcards” channel on Youtube. Now, let’s watch the Happy Birthday Princess Fairy Cake” video.

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