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Carole King Birthday Song With Lyrics

Carole King Birthday Song With Lyrics

Birthday Song

Happy birthday to you, dear! I wanted to congratulate your birthday on Carole King’s birthday song. I hope this is a song you love, from “Love Makes the World” album of Carole King. The video fetched from “Nobutaka Baba” on Youtube. If you like this song video, share it with your friends and write your comments under the video on Facebook. We got this video from “Nobutaka Baba” channel on Youtube, along with its own ads on it by using the given embed codes.

Carole King Birthday Song With Lyrics Card

Carole King Birthday Song Lyrics

Happy Birthday, Celebrate your day in style. Happy Birthday, Tonight I want to see you smile. Your whole life is in front of you, you’ve only just begun. So Happy Birthday, The best is yet to come. Happy Birthday to you, The good things I could say about you are infinite. But I will only take a minute to say the world is a better place with you in it. You know just how to be, Happy Birthday. I’m glad you’re you with me. To know you is to love you, to love you is to be blessed. So Happy Birthday, You deserve the best. Now listen to Carole King’ Birthday Song.

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