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Happy Birthday Fireworks Show and Colorful Cake Video

Happy Birthday Fireworks Show Video

Happy Birthday Fireworks

We are having a celebration today! All these fireworks are for you on your special day! Happy Birthday Fireworks Show Video says you Happy Birthday. I wanted to congratulate your birthday on this short fireworks video. I wish your birthday and all subsequent birthdays to be as colorful as the fireworks.

Birthday Fireworks Show

I would like you to make all your dreams true; buy the car that is always in your dreams and make your vacation trip in your dreams… This “Happy Birthday Fireworks” Video was successfully created by professional animation artists. If you like splendid celebrations, we think you will like this video too. If you like this beautiful video, share it with your friends and write your nice comments under the video on Facebook.

About Happy Birthday Fireworks Show Video

The “Happy Birthday Fireworks Show” video starts with a night sky scene with many starts. Then a big firework show starts. These fireworks expand hugely and they are very colorful in the dark night sky. They fill the night with colors. You would wish to be able to watch them for hours.

Happy Birthday Fireworks Show Card
The words “Happy Birthday” then appear in a three-dimensional text format made of gold and silver. These 3D words start dancing in the sky to the soundtrack of the “happy birthday” song. Blue, red, yellow, and white fireworks continue to explode in the sky. It then moves on to the second act of the video. The Fireworks Show is over and birthday messages begin to appear in the starry sky: “I want to send you many smiles for your special day. Have a great day and a happy birthday.” After that, the third act of the video begins. A large white cake appears on the screen. There are colored candles on top of it. As the camera moves away, a three-dimensional text enters the image. This text, consisting of the words “Happy Birthday”, dances to the happy birthday song. Click HERE for the other Happy Birthday videos.

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