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A Day Filled with Happiness – Happy Birthday Cat

A Day Filled With Happiness – Happy Birthday

Birthday Cat Card

With this “Cute birthday cat Video”, I am wishing you a very happy birthday. May your wishes come true. And may this day be filled with all happiness. In fact, not only the day, I am wishing that your whole year be full of joy and smiles.

About A Day Filled With Happiness Happy Birthday Card

In this video, we see a very cute cat friend. She greets us with a smile. And we get a large text for greeting the birthday of the viewer. While the birthday cat is posing for the camera, the text continues to move and dance. In fact, each letter moves separately. These movements persist for a while. Then the birthday cat looks away and the large text fades away. Instead, we see new words. Words that complete a sentence. And this sentence is to deliver good wishes. It tells the viewer that the video’s sender wishes them to have their birthday, and their new year, be full of happiness and joy.

A Day Filled With Happiness Happy Birthday Cat Video
After these words and wishes, the birthday cat and the green scenery she was going away. Instead, we turn and look at a nice birthday cake. In fact, it is a very ornate cake with a soft candy cover all around it, complete with colorful circles spread around and a large yellow candy ribbon on top of it. Also, there are four nice birthday candles on the cake. These candles are colored differently from each other. And all with these ornaments, the nice cake gives us a good view while another large text comes into the view. It is the large “Happy Birthday” text again. But, this text stays with the cake this time, until the video ends.

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