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Have a Day Filled With Happiness Happy Birthday Video

A day full of pleasant surprises – Happy Birthday

Ocean Birthday Card

This is a video birthday card with an ocean theme. With this “Ocean Birthday Card”, I send you my best wishes on your birthday. And I am wishing you, a great birthday full of the best surprises you can ever dream of. I am hoping that today will bring you not only luck and health but also everything you want from your heart.

About A day full of pleasant surprises Happy Birthday Card

The video shows us a beautiful island in the ocean. The island is full of large bright-green trees. You can see that there is a dock for boats and even some sheds, which are built with logs and dried leaves. The ocean around the island seems calm with some nice waves. This Ocean Birthday Card completes the look with a clear, blue sky. And, the tropical ocean birthday music in the background makes it perfect. As you watch the island in the video, two large words appear in front of it. Of course, they are the words “Happy Birthday”. And this text is here to greet the viewer’s birthday. These words move and dance with the ocean birthday music for a while.

A Day Filled With Happiness Happy Birthday VideoContinue to watch the Ocean Birthday video, you will see that the “Happy Birthday” text goes away. Instead, a sentence that delivers good wishes can be seen now. This message tells the viewer that, the sender wishes them a special birthday, full of good and pleasant surprises, where all that they desire come true. Because wishes on such a day can bring you the best things. After these good wishes fade away too, the video shows us a birthday cake. Or rather, a slice of the cake. The cake is perfect drip chocolate cake. But you can see that it also comes with very fresh strawberries, just perfect for an ocean birthday. As we move and see a wider angle, you can see that the whole cake, save the slice in the foreground, is there in the back, just a bit out of focus. Finally, a nice artistically written birthday message comes in and places itself next to the slice of cake.

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