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Have More Of All That Makes You Happy On Your Autumn Birthday

Have more of all that makes you happy – Happy Autumn Birthday

Autumn Birthday Card

In this “Autumn Birthday Video”, I wish for you to get all the good things and the things that make you happier. This short, one-minute video is made by the “Greetings and Quotes” channel on Youtube.

Have More Of All That Makes You Happy On Your Autumn Birthday Card

This video starts with Autumn season landscape. Here, you can see trees. All of them have their leaves yellowed and there are many yellow leaves on the ground. In a few seconds some shining particles show up and with them, a text enters the view. This text is made out of three-dimensional letters. Each letter dances for a while, and then they disappear. Following this, some words get written on the screen. These words are complete sentences for a birthday message. As these sentences vanish, we see an Autumn birthday cake. This cake has a royal cherry, strawberries, and dry leaves on top.

Have More Of All That Makes You Happy On Your Birthday Video
I enjoy Autumn season because of the chance of seeing such scenery outside. And I know that you like nature’s this costume as well. You can run around and dance on the yellow carpets made out of leaves. The wind makes you feel alive and fills you with energy too. But you can also sit at home and watch this beauty from your home’s comfort. There are very few things better than enjoying pumpkin sweets or drinks with cinnamon during fall. I hope you can celebrate your birthday with such nice things. Even if you have worries that bother you in your head today, try to focus on the seasonal beauty of nature and our love for you. Hopefully, these things can make you enjoy your day better.

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