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Cute Chipmunk Squirrel Happy Birthday Cake

Squirrel Happy Birthday

Chipmunk Happy Birthday

I wish you a colorful and happy birthday, on the “Squirrel Happy Birthday Video”. This colored video is a short (63 seconds) animation made by the “Greetings and Quotes” channel on Youtube.

About Chipmunk Squirrel Happy Birthday Card

This short colorful video shows us a cute friend and a multi-colored “Happy Birthday” text that is dancing, in a harmony with music at a rapid tempo. The video starts with a cute chipmunk or squirrel climbing atop a log. Climbing to the top, the chipmunk starts eating something that he brings in his hand. All the gestures he makes while looking at the environment, eating the food in his hand, and looking at the environment are very cute.

Squirrel Happy Birthday Video
At the same time, butterflies fly around him and a red 3D text dances in the air to accompany the squirrel. Then the dance of 3D writing ends and it disappears. Instead, the birthday message with each line in various colors: “All the good things will be with you. You will ride a unicorn, and dance with fairies. You will chase rainbows and swim with mermaids”. After that, the squirrel descends from the top of the log, like an actor who has completed his role descends from the stage. The Squirrel Happy Birthday scene changes and a colorful cake comes to the scene. There are various colored candles on it. The 3D red text in the first part comes again and this time dances next to the cake.

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