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Age-Specific Cards

Age-Specific Birthday Cards

Age-Specific Birthday Cards

How old is the person you are sending a birthday card to? You can send them Age-Specific Birthday Cards. If the card you send them has their age written on it, it may be a more personalized card.

In this “Age-Specific Birthday Cards” section of the website, you will find hundreds of birthday cards arranged by age. You will love this “Age-Specific Birthday Cards” category. You have the option to choose at least three cards for all ages from 1 to 100.

Male/Female Age-Specific Birthday Cards

When choosing one of the cards in this section, you can find cards suitable for both the age and gender of the recipient. You will find at least three (sometimes more) cards for all ages. At least one of these is designed to be more suitable for sending to men.

Special Page for All

We have prepared a special page to make it easy for you to choose one of these cards arranged by age. So you can search for a suitable card without getting lost in category pages. You can access this page from the following link: CLICK.

In addition, separate Facebook pages have been prepared for all ages. These pages are made for you to find what you are looking for more easily. Please do not neglect to like these pages on Facebook. In every age zone on the special page, you will see buttons that will allow you to navigate to these Facebook pages. In these age zones of the special page, there is also a button that will allow you to access the relevant category of the site.