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Engagement – Wedding Congratulations Card

Wedding Congratulations Card Equivalents

Wedding Congratulations Card

I Congratulate you, with this “Wedding Congratulations Card“. – Congrats! – I post you this “Wedding Congrats” e-card for I think you deserve the best compliments, best gifts, the best travels. Every successful person has the right to have fun, travel, rest, get gifts, get awards, and “wedding dress”.

Description of the “Wedding Congratulations Card”

A romantic greeting card .. Very suitable for wedding or engagement congratulations. Anyway, it is not suitable for congratulating other events. In particular, the silhouette pictures of the bride and groom, which are seen symmetrically on both sides, express that it is merely an engagement and wedding greeting card. Send this card to newly engaged or married couples, increase their happiness. You can even send this card to your female friend or couples who have decided to marry.

The main feature of this design is that it has a romantic content. The romantic effect that starts with five red roses in the middle and top spreads to the whole card as the background color is pink. In addition, the bride-groom couple on both sides of the design raises this romanticism. A pair of gold wedding rings are seen in the bottom center of the card. At the top of these rings is a congratulatory word in gold letters: “Congratulations!”

This is a Wedding Congratulations Card, the background color of the card is blue-pink, and congratulatory message of the card is: “Congratulations!”.

For More

For more Congratulations cards like this “Wedding Congratulations Card“, you can go to Happy Birthday website and find beautiful greeting cards to share on Facebook. You’ll love them. Surely, you can share this “Wedding Congratulations Card“, when you wish to congratulate a friend.

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