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Thanks to Facebook, Now We Know Everyone’s Birthday to Send an eCard

Send an eCard - Sending Birthday E-cards - on Facebook

Send an eCard – Sending Birthday Cards on Facebook

(Send an eCard)- Before Facebook was a thing, people communicated less. At least, it was more difficult. People were, therefore, more interested to know how the other person was doing. There was more interest in other people’s special days. For example, if a person had a birthday, people would send letters or cards to wish them well and all that, (similar to you how you can Send an eCard these days). People were really need that human connection. Things were done on paper, memories were kept on paper and it was very nice. The only problem was that most people didn’t receive many cards as information on birthdays was harder to remember in time, and sending cards could take time.

In fact, there is another problem with such cards too: Hundreds of thousands of trees used to be chopped for each special occasion. Many forests got destroyed for birthdays, Christmas, new year, Halloween, thanksgiving, etc… And this alone make it better to Send an eCard, every year.

After the launching of Facebook and under the influence of environmentalism consciousness, people’s interest changed from paper to virtual letters and cards. Some of the previously treasured activities like sending cards became less harmful, not much easier. A lot of people opted for the considerate way of wishing a loved one a happy birthday. Instead of sitting down and crafting a card (at the expense of the destruction of the trees) for a loved one; it became also easier and less harmful for a person to send a digital-electronic card (e-card), to convey the same message.

Although it is indirectly useful, one of the best things with Facebook is that when signing up, the website makes it mandatory for one to provide the day they were born. Except for the few people who lie and put wrong dates, most people go with their actual date of birth. And this, in a great way, can promote the act of sending e-cards.

Now We Know Everyone’s Birthday to Send an eCard

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Thanks to Facebook, people are able to know each other’s birthday. You would only expect the exercise of sending birthday cards to be on the rise. To see a list of upcoming birthdays of your friends, you can read the text here.

The founders of Facebook meant for it to unite friends and relatives who are far from each other. In the era we live in, a nice e-card can be as valuable and meaningful as old paper cards. While people doing the daily long chat and communication on Facebook, birthday wishes on Facebook, is a very nice idea.

Sending a birthday e-card is a great way to show a person that you not only want to wish them a happy birthday, but you also care so much for them that you took out some of your time to choose and send them a nice e-card. This will make them feel not only loved but also special.

Send an eCard – Where can I find beautiful and exquisite birthday e-cards?

Now, you can send very nice and elegant Birthday eCards from Facebook with just a few clicks on Facebook. Just enter to or find it through Facebook’s search bar. There, you will find a ton of free, elegant Birthday eCards and images, you can share them with someone to wish her/him a happy birthday.

ECard are also important in that one can keep them as reminders of the good times. Seeing an e-card from an old friend will bring back the sweet memories that you might have shared with that friend. This cannot compare to reading a callous Facebook post, without an elegant picture. So the next time a friend has a birthday, do more than just writing your wish only with words, send them an e-card onto their Facebook wall, from page.

In short, thanks to Facebook for letting us send an ecard whenever we need it.