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Happy Birthday Song Video To You

Happy Birthday Song Video To You!.. (1 Min.)

Happy Birthday Song

By sending this Happy Birthday Song video e-card, I am wishing you a very happy birthday. Have a Happy Birthday full of sweet surprises! May your whole year be full of happiness, just like Happy Birthday Song. If you dream to have new clothes and dresses for yourself and for your kids, I hope you can have all those very beautiful clothes, soon after this birthday. If you want a new skirt or pants, I wish you many new fashion pants and skirts. If you need new clothes, I wish you to have the most beautiful and fashionable dresses in the world, this year. Probably you love to receive gifts, like everyone. So, I wish you to take many valuable gifts on your birthday. And if you think of a trip, like the one to Disneyland®, I wish your dream to be true soon, with a perfect journey.

Happy Birthday Song Video - 2

Description of Happy Birthday Song Video Card

Firstly, this video shows us some well-shot footage from a birthday party. The video starts by showing us a table full of party items. And we see an artistic birthday greeting message in the middle of the screen. Then this art goes away and there comes a new message instead. This message delivers some wishes. Finally, we see a big birthday cake. It does not look very complex with bare sides. But the cake is decorated with perfect birthday candles, which are in the shapes of the letters in the words “Happy Birthday”. All these Colorful candles are lit too. And we also see a magical sparkle flying out of a candle and flying around the cake a couple of times.

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Happy Birthday Song Video SMS Messages

No matter what are you doing, who are you with, or where have you been, the only thing that makes an actual difference is the kind of person that you are inside. That person is what we love. Never forget this. Because of this, we are so happy today to celebrate your birthday. I am sending all the good and positive feelings and wishes to you. I will be with you if I can. But even if don’t, celebrate the day like crazy. Have a huge party and list all your wishes that you want to come true in your new year on earth. We all should sing today, Happy Birthday To You!