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Happy Birthday And Remember

Happy Birthday And Remember Pictures
Happy Birthday And Remember Card
Happy Birthday And Remember 3 3 Min.

Happy Birthday And Remember

Happy Birthday And Remember Card

Happy Birthday And Remember, The Lord Is Always By Your Side. I wish you a very happy birthday sending this reminder video-card. The video starts with a red rose, a paper card, and feathers that flying about on them. Then, it continues with various flower pictures, and a romantic Happy Birthday music, of course. This video has also some beautiful poetic words about birthday: “As you celebrate today, remember, God is near for he is there leading you into another year. Know the Lord walks with you and is always by your side. He holds the future in his hands and will always be your guide. So trust to him the year ahead. Whatever may unfold and take each day as it comes with the blessings that it holds.”

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My Wishes for Your Birthday on Happy Birthday And Remember card

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Happy Birthday! Just want to say thank you for just being you. It’s going to be a truly fantastic day just like you are fantastic. You are a one and only. Also, you have a spirit within you that is your own. May you find good friends on whichever path you follow. Happy birthday to you! I hope your day and year are filled with love and surprises. I hope that you like this “Happy Birthday And Remember” video-card.

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Happy Birthday And Remember, The Lord Is Always By Your Side

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