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Candle in Love and Singing Cake Happy Birthday Video

Candle in Love and Singing Cake Happy Birthday Video

Singing Cake Happy Birthday Video

Send the link to this page to a friend whose birthday is today. Thus, you will have congratulated their birthday in a very sweet way. If you watch the singing cake video on this page until the end, you will witness a small, sweet, and cute love story. This cute birthday animation contains a birthday message along with a cute love story.

In this video, a funny chocolate cake congratulates you on your birthday by singing the “Happy Birthday to You” song. Since I sent this to you, of course, he’s congratulating you on my behalf on your birthday. Singing cake sings the birthday song while the candle on it accompanies it. The candle is singing the “to you” parts of the song.

Candle in Love, Happy Birthday Video

But, towards the end of the song, another cake, a pink cake enters the scene. There is a very beautiful and attractive female candle on the pink cake. Our male candle falls in love with her as soon as he sees her. Of course, he forgets his duty to sing, and can’t take his eyes off the girl.

Because of the candle in love, the birthday song was interrupted. Fortunately, Singing Cake warns him and gets him to complete the song. Thus, the birthday message that I sent you has arrived. Happy Birthday to You!

Candle in Love and Singing Cake Happy Birthday Video

Send this Singing Cake birthday animation video to your friends and family members too. Don’t worry, despite the loving interruption, they are delivering your message.

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Whenever you want to find this “Candle in Love” video again, you can search Google by typing “candle in love“. We also recommend you visit our Upcoming Birthdays page.