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A Bouquet of Happiness – Happy Birthday Video

A bouquet of happiness – Happy Birthday

Birthday Flowers Card

Here we have a video birthday card with many flowers to carry our best wishes. I am sending you a whole bouquet of happiness with these birthday flowers. May these flowers bring you luck. And may all your wishes come true. Have a day as beautiful as the flowers in this video.

About A Bouquet Of Happiness Happy Birthday Card

In this birthday video card, we see many yellow flowers. These beautiful flowers make a bouquet of happiness for us. They wiggle with the light breeze in the garden. The music in the video suits their movement as well. You can see that each flower here seems to be having a fun time. It is almost like a party for your birthday. Meanwhile, the camera moves away from the birthday flowers slowly. And we see that there are other flowers in the same garden. There are even some fruit trees in the background. Of course, we also see some spinning metallic letters coming into the view. These are the letters of the words “Happy Birthday”.

A Day Filled With Happiness Happy Birthday Video As we watch the spinning letter disappear, we see a new message in front of the birthday flowers. This message tells the viewer that they were sent a bouquet of happiness. A bouquet which is full of good wishes. May the person who gets these wishes get all the good luck and health. Following this message, we move on from the garden and come inside. Now we have a look at the birthday cake matched with the birthday flowers in the garden. The cake is covered with a thick layer of white icing with some orange icing spots around it. But it is also decorated with spring touches. You can see slices of orange not only on the top of the cake but also around it on the table. There are also lime slices and herbs on the cake to complete the spring theme.

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