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Mister Couch Potato Birthday Song

Mister Couch Potato Birthday Song

Couch Potato Happy Birthday

I wish you a happy birthday, sending the “Mister Couch Potato” video. Happy Birthday to you on your sofa. I want to congratulate your birthday by sending this cute Mister Couch Potato Birthday Song video. This short (80 seconds) belongs to website. If you like this cute animation, share it with your friends on Facebook and add your comment under it. This video is published by “gaspode8” channel on Youtube, along with its own ads on it. We used the video here by using the given embed codes on the platform.

Mister Couch Potato Birthday Song Animation

Couch Potato Birthday Song Lyrics

It is animated in stop motion style. In the video, you see a potato sitting on a couch. The potato sings a song for you. It mostly consists of rhyming sentences. Then two other potatoes join him on the couch and they continue to sing together. Here are the lyrics of the songs they sing;
“Happy Birthday, let’s relax on your sofa to the max. Happy Birthday just has fun and get gifts from everyone. Happy Birthday, party time, and time for another rhyme. Happy Birthday, all the best. Now chill out and get some rest. And now everybody. Happy Birthday to you!” I hope you will enjoy this cute animation video which is very funny and cheerful. Now let’s watch the Mister Couch Potato Birthday Song video.

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