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Antique Heart Decorated Happy Birthday Card For You

Antique Heart Happy Birthday Card for celebrating
Antique Heart Happy Birthday Card Images

Antique Heart Happy Birthday Card

About the Antique Heart Happy Birthday Card

– Here we have a e-card with special antique style design. The name of the card is Antique Heart Happy Birthday Card. The card shows us an antique plaque with elegant engravings. These engravings are done to create various floral patterns. The patterns are also colored. You can see flowers like daisies and roses in the art. These patterns mostly follow a path parallel to the edges of the plaque. As the plaque has a heart shaped cut out at the center, the engravings hugs this heart shape too. In the cut out space, there is a smaller golden heart that is attached to the outer plaque with a chain link at the top. The inner heart is also decorated with floral engravings. In front of this antique heart, there is a large text that reads “Happy Birthday”. It is written in a rose red color and a fancy style.

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