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Happy Halloween Graveyard Bats

Happy Halloween Graveyard Bats Card
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Happy Halloween Graveyard Bats Images

Halloween Graveyard Bats

Halloween Greetings to you, with this “Halloween Graveyard Bats” card. We have to have Halloween before we get to have Christmas. Let’s consider Halloween as a reminder of the existence of evil, but remember that we have a powerful God who looks after us. Hopefully, in these dark days, you will find yourself at ease with the glowing love within you. October 31 is a good day to love your neighbor like any other day.

Description of the “Halloween Graveyard” Card

Again a simple, little-colored Halloween card… Actually, this is a “Trick or Treat” card. Right in the middle of the design is a huge, glowing moon in the dark. Bats flying right and left in front of the moon seem to be the second most important element after the month. The sky has a foggy and purple night view. On the one hand, a dried-up tree contributes to the Halloween atmosphere of the design. But what we see as the most important element of the card’s name is a cemetery that covers the lower part of the composition. The bars and gravestones of the dark cemetery appear in silhouette in front of the moonlight. As a small detail, these silhouette images include the hand of a corpse that is about to emerge from one of the graves.