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Happy Halloween with Halloween Witch

Happy Halloween with Halloween Witch Card
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Halloween Witch

Halloween Greetings to you, with this “Happy Halloween Witch” card. – Happy Howl-o-ween! A Merry Halloween. Time for shivers, scares, and thrills, for pumpkin grins in windowsills, for black cats in the full moon’s glow, and a happy Halloween hello! Wishing you a night filled with good old-fashioned fun. Hope your night is so happy, it makes you glow from the inside out. – I post you this “Happy Halloween with Halloween Witch” e-card to wish a great Halloween to you. This is a special day to have fun, wear costumes, get presents, give gifts, have a party and go on travel or short trips to see interesting places.

Description of the “Halloween Vampire Costume” Card

This is a lovely Halloween design, featuring a beautiful woman picture. The fact that the woman in design is a witch does not interfere with the sweetness of the composition. Because instead of being scary, we see a cute and smiling witch. This sweet witch with red long hair, dressed in a black dress and yellow skirt, laughs very sincerely. He is carrying a white cat in his arms, but the cat is not very friendly. The woman has a black witch hat on her head and a black cloak on her back. He sits on stones at dusk. The sky is dark blue and the moon is visible.