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International Men’s Day Ecards

International Men's Day Ecards

International Men’s Day Ecards

All kinds of gender-related inequalities are bad. Failure to be objective in accepting this fact is also a gender-based inequality. What is International Men’s Day, and the reason for the existence of our “International Men’s Day Ecards” section? International Men’s Day (IMD) is an international day celebrated every year on November 19 and supported by the United Nations. It is also known as “World Men’s Day”. It is a project that was first mentioned by Prof. Dr. Thomas Oaster on February 7, 1992. It was officially accepted and celebrated for the first time in 1999 in Trinidad-Tobago.

Why International Men’s Day Ecards

International Men’s Day is supported and celebrated by over seventy countries today. International Men’s Day was also mentioned at UNESCO and its importance was explained by the Ingeborg Breines Culture Director for Women and Peace with the words “This is an excellent idea and will give us some gender balance”. You can also express that you are against all kinds of gender-related inequalities by sending the International Men’s Day Ecards on our site to your friends.

Send International Men’s Day Ecards

The purpose of International Men’s Day is to develop relations between the sexes, to emphasize the role models of men, gender inequalities experienced by men, etc. including many topics. You can use the International Men’s Day Ecards on our website to spread these equality ideas.

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