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Birthday Bird Lives With Smiles – Happy Birthday

Live With Smiles – Happy Birthday

Birthday Bird Card

I am sending this video card with this cute birthday bird to send you my greetings on your birthday. Don’t forget that you should always live your life with a smile on your face. I am hoping that you can have a smile on your face, no matter how hard life can be. Happy Birthday!

About Live With Smiles Happy Birthday Card

Here we see a very cute birthday bird. It is perching on a branch in a green forest and looks at us. Although we cannot see much of the forest, we can see that the leaves around the bird are bright green, so it must be about springtime. The birthday bird looks directly at the camera and as if it knows that we are filming him, starts posing for us. Just then a large text comes next to our bird friend. The bird looks at this text which read “Happy Birthday” for a moment. Then continues to look around and check us every now and then to see if we are still filming.

A Day Filled With Happiness Happy Birthday Video
After moving and twisting for a while, the text goes away. Then, in the same place, we see a new message. This message tells the viewer to live their life with smiles. And the text delivers wishes for them to never have a problem with having smiles. Then our birthday bird friend gets distracted and starts pecking on the branch it stands on. So, we can go away to have a look at our birthday cake. We first see a slice of the cake. Then, as the camera moves, we can see the rest of it at the back. This cake is perfect for someone who likes chocolate and chestnuts. Because of this cake with very chocolaty and it has whole, or rather half, chestnuts.