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Have Good Health And Happiness – Happy Birthday

Birthday Videos on YouTube

Have Good Health And Happiness Happy Birthday Motion Video Card 3 62 Sec.

Have Good Health And Happiness – Happy Birthday

Birthday Bird Card

This is a very cute birthday bird card. By sending this video card to you, I am wishing you a beautiful day on your birthday. May you have very good health and limitless happiness forever. I am hoping that this video card can start these good things by making you smile.

About Have Good Health And Happiness Happy Birthday Card

All the first half of this video focuses on a small, cute, robin. This birthday bird comes into the view, looks at the camera for a moment, and starts taking some poses for us. In a few seconds, a relatively large text falls down and places itself next the the bird. In fact, the bird even seems to react to this text. It turns and looks directly at this text, which reads “Happy Birthday”, while the letters move individually. These letters seem to be made out of gold, or some sort of shiny metal at the very least. Especially the first word looks very polished.

A Day Filled With Happiness Happy Birthday Video
After the first golden text, we see another text which delivers good wishes. These are wishes for the viewer to have a beautiful birthday, and to have good health and happiness forever. After we read these wishes too, the birthday bird goes away with cute little hops. Following this, the scene change and shows us a birthday cake. The cake looks very interested as it is covered with a layer of soft magenta candy. You can also see a purple birthday candle on top of the cake. But what makes it look more interesting is that there are some meringues on this cake. In fact, you can see some meringues filled ice cream cones around the cake as well.

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