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Best Wishes Wrapped In Love, Happy Birthday Video

Birthday Videos on YouTube

Best Wishes Wrapped In Love Happy Birthday Motion Video Card 3 63 Sec.

Best Wishes Wrapped In Love – Happy Birthday

Birthday Gifts Card

This a video card with birthday gifts. With this card, I am sending you my best wishes for your birthday. I am hoping that you see all your good dreams become true after this day. Happy Birthday!

About Best Wishes Wrapped In Love Happy Birthday Card

This video e-card begins and we find ourselves looking at a large pile of birthday gifts. As the music plays in the background, you can see some sparkles and crepuscular rays coming down from the top of the screen. After some seconds, a text that surrounds the pile of birthday gifts comes down as well. This circle text turns around the pile back and forth for a while with the music.

A Day Filled With Happiness Happy Birthday Video
While the birthday text continues to turn around the birthday gifts, you can see that some text appears behind the pile of gifts, at the top. This text seemingly pushes the pile somehow. Because as this text appears there, the pile tumbles down. As the piles go down, somehow it also makes the surrounding birthday text disappear. The new text that appeared is a birthday message that wishes goodness and the dreams of the viewer to come true. Eventually, this message goes away as well. And the scene changes to show us a birthday cake. But not a standard birthday cake, a cake with different sweet extras on it. Such as chocolate pieces, biscuits, candies, and many Oreo cookies.