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Happy Birthday – I Got You Something with Sexual Innuendo Joke

Happy Birthday - I Got You Something Funny Card Equivalents

Something with Sexual Innuendo Joke

I chose this special e-card to wish you a happy birthday. This is a sexual innuendo joke birthday e-card. This feature makes it more special and more personal. I hope you like this e-card and joke, otherwise I will be acting ugly.

“Something with Sexual Innuendo Joke” E-Card

Birthday cards with sexual connotations and insinuations are one of the important categories in this field. Some jokes are special jokes that are only between two people. This card also includes such a joke. The man who holds a cake in his hand says to his lover: “I got you something for your birthday, and it isn’t the cake” … What is actually called “Something” depends on the relationship between the two people and is completely private. It is important that all letters and messages are sent to the right person, but be especially wary of sending such e-cards to the wrong person.

You can find many funny birthday cards on our site. However, there are not many e-cards with sexual innuendo joke. Perhaps such e-cards may not be used because making such jokes verbally attracts more attention. Maybe we’ve even run out of jokes on this subject, who knows?

Happy Birthday and Something with Sexual Innuendo Joke:
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