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Happy National Coffee Cake Day – April 7

Happy National Coffee Cake Day Card
Happy National Coffee Cake Day Card
Happy National Coffee Cake Day Images

Happy National Coffee Cake Day

National Coffee Cake Day – April 7

– Happy 7th April Day! Wishing you a very very sweety day, sending this National Coffee Cake Day card to you. May your special day become as delicious and sweet as coffee cakes. I wish you a delicious day today, on 7th April as your Happy National Coffee Cake Day. National Coffee Cake Day is celebrated on April 7, always. April is: Financial Literacy Month, Confederate History Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, National Poetry Month. April 7 is also: Caramel Popcorn Day, New Beer’s Eve, No Housework Day, World Health Day.

About the National Coffee Cake Day

“National Coffee Cake Day is observed each year on April 7. Coffee cake is a cake that is intended to be eaten while enjoying a cup of coffee, maybe for breakfast or during a coffee break. One may choose to serve this cake to guests around their coffee table. The coffee cake itself does not contain any coffee. They are usually single layer cakes made in square, rectangle or ring-shaped pans. Coffee cakes are often flavored with cinnamon or other spices, seeds, nuts and fruits, such as blueberries or apples. Typically they have a crumb topping or a glaze drizzle.”

National Coffee Cake Day

“April 7 is National Coffee Cake Day. If you want to have a coffee break, don’t forget about a piece of cake. The first coffee cakes appeared around the 17th century in Europe, when drinking coffee beverages was introduced. The very first coffee cakes were more bread-like and they contained spices and dried fruit. Over time coffee cakes evolved to contain sugared fruit, yogurt, cream cheese, nuts, seeds. As you see, coffee cake wasn’t developed, it evolved from different types of cakes. Today common cakes are mostly flavored with cinnamon and other spices, as they go well with coffee. But you can also find recipes of coffee cakes with apples, blueberries and even creamy fillings. Did you ever think why coffee cakes have a hole in the center? It’s relatively recent innovation for any type of cake. When bundt pan was invented, bakers could use heavier batters to get cooked all way through without central part of dough left unbaked. Find any recipe of coffee cake and bake it to celebrate National Coffee Cake Day with your family or friends!”

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