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Pluto’s Birthday

Pluto's Birthday Party 1
Pluto's Birthday Party 2
Pluto's Birthday Party 3 2.38 Min.

Pluto’s Birthday Party Short Film

– This video is an old cartoon short titled Pluto’s birthday. The cartoon was originally released on September 19, 1952. In the video, Mickey Mouse holds a big birthday party for Pluto’s birthday. But the young guests that Mickey invited to this party create some chaos during the the occasion. And they rudely leave as soon as the cake is finished. Poor Pluto could not eat even a piece of cake. He gets so sad because of this, he starts to cry. But Mickey Mouse had thought it before and fixes things nicely in the end. Mickey Mouse and Pluto are fictional characters from animated series and movies, owned by Walt Disney Company. We are just fans and we do not claim to have any ownership or copy-right over this character. This video is uploaded by Disney to the official Mickey Mouse YouTube channel. We just embedded the video to here to share which was allowed by Disney. Even though such cartoons are usually considered being made for children, both children and adults love this funny and lovely Pluto video.

My Wishes for Your Birthday on Pluto’s Birthday Video

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Pluto’s Birthday Video SMS Messages

Happy Birthday you beautiful person! Today is the most important day in the whole year for you and every one who loves you. Have a great birthday party that this day deserves. Have the biggest birthday cake ever and eat as much as you can of it. Enjoy every moment, every single second of this day. Invite the person who makes you laugh the most. Start a new era in your life. An era that is full of joy and giving. And dont forget that you are always in our minds and hearts.

Pluto’s Birthday Party (Short Film)

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