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Pluto’s Birthday Party (Short Film)

Pluto’s Birthday Party Short Film

This video is an old cartoon short titled “Pluto’s Birthday.” The cartoon was originally released on September 19, 1952. In the video, Mickey Mouse hosts a grand birthday party in honor of Pluto’s special day. However, the young guests invited by Mickey create quite a ruckus during the celebration, and they abruptly depart as soon as the cake is devoured. Poor Pluto doesn’t get a chance to enjoy even a single slice of cake, leaving him profoundly saddened, and tears well up in his eyes. Nevertheless, Mickey Mouse had foreseen this situation and manages to resolve things amicably in the end.

Both Mickey Mouse and Pluto are beloved fictional characters from the vast array of animated series and movies under the ownership of the Walt Disney Company. We are merely enthusiastic fans and do not claim any ownership or copyright over these characters. The video has been uploaded by Disney to the official Mickey Mouse YouTube channel, and we have embedded it here to share with you, as permitted by Disney. While such cartoons are typically considered children’s entertainment, they hold a special place in the hearts of both children and adults, providing laughter and endearing moments alike.

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