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Happy 4th of July

4th of July Card 08 for celebrating
4th of July Card 08 Images

4th of July Card 08

Happy birthday America (USA)! Wishing you a very happy birthday, sharing this 4th of July Card 08 with my friends. Because I love America and 4th July. This is a very beautiful card for someone who likes America. This is really an elegant ecard for persons who like to celebrate The Independence Day on 4th of July. This is a stylish card to send to loved ones. Your friends will like this beautiful birthday card with 4th of July Card 08 theme.

Description of the 4th of July Card 08

This is a birthday card consist of big metallic 4th of July text. The text is made with 3D modelling and rendered to be very shiny but realistic. The “4th” and “July” parts of the text is colored red and blue, respectively, on their side walls. And the background, behind this 3D text, shows some fireworks and an American flag overlay.

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