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Christmas and New Year

Christmas and New Year

Christmas and New Year

The first of the occasions on our website, other than birthday cards, is Christmas and New Year. You start using these cards when Christmas approaches. If you are a follower of our Facebook Page, our Facebook page will remind you that the special day is approaching. You can use all of these cards if you want, or you can send the same card to everyone. We hope you enjoy our New Year and Christmas cards.

Christmas and New Year Ecards

Some of the e-cards in the Christmas and New Year section of our website are in picture format and some are in video format. You can use both types for Christmas or New Year greetings. Your friends and family members will like these pictures and videos you send. The Christmas and New Year ecards here are truly stunning works of art.

Christmas and New Year Ecards on Facebook

You use the Christmas and New Year ecards once a year, at Christmas. Sometimes, you may be late in sending cards, not realizing that Christmas is approaching. But, if you follow our Facebook Pages where these cards are published, these pages will remind you. These are our Facebook pages; Christmas Quotes, Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, and Happy NewYear pages.

Year Round on Facebook

If you only use our Facebook pages in December, those pages will remain dormant for the next 12 months. Doing so will damage the pages. That’s why we post nice posts on these Facebook pages throughout the year. We recommend that you like and follow our Facebook pages.