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Keep Smiling – Native American Card

Keep Smiling – Native American Card
Keep Smiling - Native American Card Greeting
Keep Smiling - Native American Card and Cards

Keep Smiling – Native American Card

– I wish this card will remind you of an important fact of life: “Keep Smiling“. Life is beautiful, despite all the difficulties. Especially when you focus on its beauty … Of course, we can’t always see its beautiful face, sometimes it doesn’t look so good, but when we’re not surrendering, focusing on beauty, the beauty begins to emerge. I wish life would always show you its beautiful face on this birthday and all the days after that. You keep smiling so your tears don’t stop you from seeing these beauties. You have given happiness to those around you, and I wish that happiness will find you now. May you have hundreds of happy years to come!

Description of the “Keep Smiling – Native American Card”

When you look at this card, the first thing you’ll see is definitely a huge Native American man. I can hardly say that he is smiling. In fact, he is a Native American warrior, who even wore war paints on his face. He’s got a bow, a spear, and a knife. Also, he has colorful authentic Native American costumes and two feathers on his headband. The greeting message on the card contains the following words: “Sometimes life may not smile at you. You keep smiling, it will smile again.” The dominant color of the card is green and it has also a green frame.