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Cute Little Native American Girls

Cute Little Native American Girls Card.
Cute Little Native American Girls Greeting
Cute Little Native American Girls Card 2

Native American Girls

– I chose this cute card for you, hoping you’d like the “native American girls” picture. I think this vintage card would be suitable for someone who has a romantic and cute look at life. I send you my best wishes with this birthday card designed with naive simplicity. I wish you to be happy, always protecting the child in you, and seeing the beautiful sides of life. I wish you always have good reasons to be happier every day. There is enough reason for the world to make you happy: Your perfect personality, and your beautiful character. I wish you a nice and happy birthday.

Description of the “Native American Girls” Card

This card was originally created using a drawing taken from a vintage birthday card. The first thing that draws attention on the card is the picture of two cute little Native American Girls. The girls are sitting side by side and have no clothes. They both have traditional native eagle feathers on their heads. One of them has a bouquet of pink flowers. Also, on the other side of the card are pink flowers lined up on a gray stripe. The card’s background color is light-yellow and therefore contrasts with everything on it. The greeting message of the “Native American Girls” card is very short: “Happy Birthday”. This stylish card takes place in the “Native American birthday cards” category of the website.