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Happy Birthday To Me – Three Things Happen

Happy Birthday To Me - Three Things Happen Funny e-Card Equivalents

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy birthday to me! I sent myself this funny “Happy Birthday To Me – Three Things Happen” e-card to wish myself a wonderful birthday. Yes, today is very special for me because today is my birthday. To announce my joy and share my enthusiasm with you, I chose this funny birthday e-card. I know that my true friends will join me in my joy. I hope we all have a fun day together.

Happy Birthday To Me – Three Things Happen E-Card

This e-card contains a joke that can be sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and sometimes cruel, depending on the situation in which it is used. Getting older is a fact of life. When you send this e-card to someone who is really old, you may have fun, but it may be a cruel and evil joke for the elderly person receiving the e-card. Therefore, it is better to be careful when making such jokes.

This e-card features a cupcake covered in lots of candles and a thinking person emoji. This funny emoji character looks like he’s trying to remember something rather than thinking. The joke on the e-card is based on this situation: to remember or not to remember… That is the question!

The joke on the e-card consists of a verbal joke rather than a visual one. The writings on the e-card are as follows: “As you get older, three things happen. The first is, your memory goes; and I can’t remember the other two. – Happy Birthday to Me!”

Yes, it’s a joke that can be cruel depending on the situation, based on the fact that the aging person is forgetful. While it’s not cruel when young people prank each other with “you’re old now,” it can be unpleasant when it’s sent to someone who’s actually getting old.

When I’m Old

As children get older, their abilities and qualities develop. As adults age, some of these abilities begin to disappear. The most common sign of aging is a weakening of memory. Of course, this varies from person to person. I know many people who have no memory loss or forgetfulness at very old ages.

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I thought, if I were an old person, how would I be affected by such a joke? I guess I wouldn’t be affected badly because my dreams of old age already involve a great deal of relief, acceptance, and approval. I will say: “Yes, I am old, it is normal for me to be forgetful, and it is natural for my movements to slow down.

Moreover, the place of my own old age is a crowded nursing home. I believe I will be very happy there with people my own age. There are very nice nursing homes for the elderly. Some look like resorts, and some look like rehabilitation centers. I think both are good. I found that rehabilitation centers, which I could easily find all over the country, provided more medical care than nursing homes that looked like holiday villages.

When you think of “medical care”, images of hospitals come to mind, and that’s not nice. I think the only negative aspect of rehabilitation centers may be related to their image. This is where rehabilitation centers that look like holiday villages stand out. You will receive medical care, treatment, and health services, and you will not feel like you are in the hospital. This could be nice.

Of course, there is also the issue of making comparisons with other rehabilitation centers. I am talking about old age rehabilitation centers and I call them all nursing homes. But there are also rehabilitation centers that help get rid of various bad addictions; those are not what I mean.

Happy Birthday to Me

While I was thinking “How would I feel if I got old?”, where did I come? Our topic is not rehabilitation centers or nursing homes. At least, it’s still early. Today I turned one year older. Now I’m a year more experienced, and a year wiser. I’m happy about that, that’s what matters. Once again: “Happy Birthday to Me!”