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20 Belated Happy Birthday Wishes with Jokes

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes with Jokes Funny Card Equivalents

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes with Jokes

Belated Happy Birthday! Yes, I know, I’m late in congratulating you. I had actually chosen another card to wish you a wonderful birthday, but, when the day came, I couldn’t send it. Now, I’ll try to deal with the situation by pretending that I didn’t forget. I am sending you this funny card “Belated Happy Birthday Wishes with Jokes, Happens Every Year”. I send it with the wishes that you will forgive me and I wish you many happy returns. I wish you a happy birthday with this funny card “Belated Happy Birthday Wishes with Jokes and Happens Every Year”.

“Belated Happy Birthday Wishes with Jokes” E-Card

Of course, forgetting the birthday of someone close to you is frowned upon. However, sometimes such forgetting events can occur. In such cases, you should celebrate your relative’s birthday, even if it is delayed. Making excuses for delays creates funny situations. The joke of this card may be one of them. “But… But… But… How was I supposed to know that your birthday happens every year?” You can also find ready-made messages in text format below that you can use for belated birthday celebrations.

20 Belated Happy Birthday Wishes with Jokes

Here are 20 belated happy birthday wishes with a touch of humor. Feel free to use these belated birthday wishes with jokes to bring a smile to your friend or loved one’s face, even if you missed the actual day.

“My sincerest apologies for my belated birthday wish. I was fashionably late, just as you deserve for someone as stylish, incredible, and extraordinary as you. May your year be as remarkable as you are!”

“Please accept my heartfelt apologies for missing your special day. It wasn’t forgetfulness; it was an intention to extend the celebration for a phenomenal, extraordinary, and remarkable person like you. Belated happy birthday!”

“I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive my tardiness. I didn’t forget your birthday; I was entranced by the busyness of life. May your days ahead be filled with happiness, laughter, and countless joyful moments.”

“I offer my deepest apologies for the delay in my birthday wishes. Age is just a number, and so is my little delay. Here’s to many more years of youthful exuberance, energy, and incredible adventures.”

“I want to make it up to you for missing your birthday, not because I forgot, but because you deserve double the celebration. You’re not just special; you’re extraordinarily exceptional!”

“My tardiness in extending birthday greetings was merely a ploy to keep the festivities going. I sincerely hope you had an outstanding birthday and that the celebrations continue well into the year.”

“I may have missed the official date, but trust me, it doesn’t lessen my enthusiasm to wish you a fantastic year ahead. You’re unforgettable, unique, and absolutely one-of-a-kind.”

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“Apologies for the delay, but your birthday wish is finally here! Time got the better of me, but let’s not dwell on that. Instead, let’s focus on the wonderful days ahead, filled with laughter and joy.”

“I’m not late; I’m just operating on extended time to ensure your birthday lasts as long as possible. You’re worth every moment of celebration, my dear friend.”

“Please pardon my brief absence during your special day. My quest for the perfect birthday message took me on a slight detour. I promise the message was worth the wait.”

“My sincere apologies for the tardiness of my birthday wish. The older we get, the more life throws at us, but it doesn’t change how special you are. Here’s to an unforgettable year ahead.”

“Forgive my delayed birthday wishes; it’s a testament to my belief that the best things are worth waiting for. Your extraordinary nature deserves nothing less.”

“I hope your birthday was as epic as my apology is late. The celebrations may have taken their sweet time, but the joy and happiness they bring are everlasting.”

“Better late than never, they say! Although I missed your birthday, my excitement for your special day remains undiminished. Here’s to catching up on all the good times we’ll have this year.”

“I’m fashionably late to the birthday bash, much like a guest of honor at a grand event. I hope your birthday was as stylish and fantastic as you are.”

“Apologies for the tardiness in my birthday wishes; I believe in savoring the moment. Your special day deserved an extended celebration. Enjoy the festivities!”

“I didn’t forget your birthday; I was simply ensuring you had a bonus day of celebration. Your awesomeness deserves nothing less.”

“I might have been a little late to the party, but I wanted to make sure your birthday celebrations extended well into the week. Belated wishes for an incredible year ahead!”

“My birthday wishes may have taken a detour, but they are heartfelt and filled with love for an exceptional person like you. Here’s to making up for lost time!”

“Although my birthday wish arrived later than anticipated, I hope it brings a big smile to your face. Your birthday was worth the wait, and I’m excited for the wonderful year ahead!”

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