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Strawberry Cake – Hapy Birthday to You

Strawberry Cake
Strawberry Cake Picture
Strawberry Cake Birthday Card

Strawberry Cake – Hapy Birthday to You

My Wishes for Your Birthday

Wishing a happy birthday to you, sending this strawberry cake picture!.. I picked this card to wish you a special day at your birthday and all the year. I am very happy to know you. Happy Birthday! I am wishing you a new year of happiness, health and cheer. You’ll like that birthday card with nice words on a strawberry cake.

Description of Strawberry Cake Birthday Card

This is a simple and also elegant Happy Birthday card to send your friends. The card shows us a picture of an elegant birthday cake. This cake is a pink icing covered, layered cake with a different colors. There are two large strawberry shaped candies on the cake. Also yellow “Happy Birthday” words and yellow stars taking place on this pink cake. The background of the card is full of many strawberries. This cake may be suitable for a lady or a man. Children will love this birthday card too. If you love to eat strawberries plucking from the branches, you must love to live in nature. You love living in nature and in the country, I wish you a nice trip to a beautiful nature. Then, If you like to walk by the sea, I wish you to perform the most beautiful seaside trip. You like to holiday in quality hotels and restaurants, I hope you have the opportunity to holiday in a nice and luxury hotel, this year.